Costumize Your Massage Needs

Not every day is the same so your massage shouldn't be. Get a massage tailored to what you need.


Massaging isn’t just about rubbing your muscles but customizing it to your ever-changing needs. It’s a mixture of what you want with what you need to work out. Not every day is the same so your massage shouldn’t be.

Sessions are personalized to how you are feeling when you come in. They are also spaced apart, so you don’t have to feel rushed to get off the table and are able to relax. Unlike some places that need to dedicate some of your session time for you to get undressed and redressed, I try to give you the whole 60 (1 hr), 90 (1 1/2 hour), or 120 min (2 hour) of ‘hands on’ time. In order to achieve this, it is beneficial for you to arrive early to use the restroom and discuss what your session.

With these standards in place, you can receive the most relaxation and the massage effects can last longer

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