Get the most from customized massages

Session Lengths for regular massages

1 Hour Session (60 Min) = $80

1.5 Hour Session (90) Min = $110

2 Hour (120 Min) = $140


Enjoy a relaxing massage and melt away the stress of the day. Utilizes light to medium pressure to treat minor muscle aches and pains.

Prenatal Massage

Are you expecting a bubbling bundle of joy? While getting everything that you will need in the future ready, why not enjoy something you can get right now? Prenatal massages can relax mommy-to-be and ease those pregnancy discomforts. Massage can also stave postpartum depression

Deep Tissue

Has your week been a little more brutal than usual? Been working your muscles more often? Choose a deep tissue massage to work the week out of your muscles. Firmer pressure is used to reach the deeper parts of the muscle rather than move along the surface.

Trauma Touch Therapy

We know that the world is not so happy go lucky. There are instances that can cause a lingering negative effect. Massages can help with the physical repercussions of strong emotional stress

Synergy Stones

Synergy Hot Stone Massage

60 Min = $85

90 Min = $115

120 Min = $130

Let’s build something great together.

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